Week 2 June 24th

On June 24th we welcomed some a hot summer day in Collier County. The blazing heat brought some blazing times to the Ave Maria Water Park, the Norris Aquatic Center, and the Naples YMCA! Out in Ave Maria the River Park Racing Roosters (0-1) battled the Ave Angels (1-0). At the end, the Ave Angels prevailed over the Roosters for their second win of the season. The Sanchez-Casal Gators (0-1) traveled to the Norris Aquatic Center for the second time this season, this time against the Monterey MonteRays (1-0). The MonteRays won the meet with a score of 278. The Naples YMCA Krakens (0-1) welcomed the Norris Tiger Sharks (1-0) for their first home meet of the year. The Tiger Sharks pulled ahead early to keep the win.


Week 2

Tiger Sharks at Krakens

Tiger Sharks: 403

Krakens: 61

Gators at MonteRays

Gators: 88

MonteRays: 278

Roosters at Ave Angels

Roosters: 184

Ave Angels: 303

Tiger Shark atKrakens Complete Results

Gators at MonteRays Complete Results

Roosters at Ave Angels Complete Results

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